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This is Tammy and I am currently studying Software Engineering at the University of Waterloo.

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Hey! It's Tammy.

I'm an experienced full stack developer with a background in traditional and graphic design. My resume describes some of my previous experiences much better. I also study Software Engineering at the University of Waterloo, Canada.

Right now I'm mostly interested in game dev and security, and honestly anything that you can convince me is cool. You can also find me at:

What am I up to right now?

I'm finishing up my Software Engineering degree and graduating in 2019, which means lots of schoolwork. I like exploring exciting stuff! Think along the lines of martial arts and crytography and learning about birds of prey.

My major project focus is currently my design project focused on WebGL and making that more accessible, and a 3-piece fantasy landscape painting. Ask me about it, or anything really! :)


@Menlo Park, USA

I was at Facebook as a software engineer on the Data Privacy team, with a focus on GDPR and regulations compliance. Most of the details are hush hush but it was an exciting time! I met lots of interesting people that helped me grow as a person and worked on several privacy-related projects.

@San Francisco, USA

I worked at Asana as a mobile engineer on the iOS team. During this time I built their user profile pages for iOS, and spearheaded initial accessibility work with my mentor by implementing best practices and improving VoiceOver for the app. I also worked on some other iOS features, better detailed in this blog post announcing Asana for iOS 11.


I was working as a Data Science Research Assistant for the StackUp, National University of Singapore (NUS). More specifically I was working on developing a course on data science with a focus on machine learning. I also helped create course content for a course called "Connect Using APIs". These courses target mature students whose goal is to create their own startup or switch careers.

@Waterloo, Canada

I recently finished my grueling 2nd year at the University of Waterloo. This means I am officially a third year now (and am starting to feel old).
I was also working along with a team of awesome people to organize a hackathon/learnathon event for high school students called Tech Retreat. Unfortunately, due to funding difficulties we were not able to hold our event for 2016. The memory of TR2015 lives on in us.

@Stockholm, Sweden

I was on a trip to to participate in ICRA 2016 as a part of the UW NanoRobotics Group. We won 1st place in the Microrobotics Microassembly challenge!

@Vancouver, Canada

From January to April I was working at Hootsuite Media Inc., Vancouver on their Internal Platform team. During my work term I wrote a blog post on Monoliths to Microservices!
Find out more about my experience here.